Our Mural

St. Ann’s was very lucky to have the mural in the Church done by Master Artist, Mr. Jose Aznar Ibanez.  This is definitely not a mural depicting the last supper.

The main theme of our mural is LOVE.  The presence of the Mystical Christ in the celebration of the Eucharist Sacrament by the congregation unites all the different types of human love.

On the left side the mural is the family love, expressed by the protection and love of the father and the mother feeding her baby.

On the floor by the mother are two baskets with bread and fish to symbolize the multiplication of the family in future generations united by love.

Next to the mother,like morning dew, is the pure love of children, symbolized by the little girl.

The mature love and experienced wisdom of the elderly is brought to life in the face of the older man seated next to the father figure.

Even in time of doubt, crisis, or greet, as expressed by the next figure, it will be love that will allow for the return of happiness to our lives.